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“We will offer high-quality products at the lowest price possible and at an opportune time for customers’ satisfactory.”

This is our mission. All of our employees join me in saying it in chorus at the meeting every morning. Since its establishment in 1961, ANGEL has been providing a wide range of switches and connectors that meet our customers’ requests. We are always dedicated to offering solutions to our customers, ranging from designing and manufacturing prototypes to mass-producing custom-made products. We use inspection apparatus of various types and kinds, including most-advanced environmental testers, to provide products which our customers can rely on.

Among international concerns are global warming and depletion of fossil energy resources, against which effective and extensive measures should be taken. We believe one of the most effective solutions to these concerns is solar power generation equipment designed for transforming sunlight into electricity, so-called “solar cell,” which has recently attracted global attention.

ANGEL started manufacturing junction boxes, a very important unit for solar cells, in 1977, leading the world in the field. More than 10 years has passed since the Kyoto Protocol was adopted in 1997 to limit world greenhouse gas emissions. In the period solar cells have rapidly come into widespread use. Under these circumstances, we have focused our efforts on the development and manufacturing of junction boxes, with successful launch of many models of them. Electrical power generated by a single solar cell is very small, but the connection of many solar cells enables us to obtain much greater electrical energy. Our products help solar cells to become low-cost power-generating devices with higher conversion efficiency and better durability.

“Save the Earth.” Contribution that we could make is humble, but all of the ANGEL people will continue
to work on ways together to contribute to international efforts for this objective.

Kazunari SATO President


Head office 205-4 Furukawa-cho, Hazukashi, Fushimi-ku,
Kyoto 612-8486, Japan
E-mail info@angel-k.co.jp
Establishment July 1961
Capital ¥50 million
Number of Employees 30
Kazunari SATO President
Kiyotomi OKAMOTO Director
BUSINESS OUTLINES Solar PV Module Junction Boxes
Extension Cable of Solar PV Module Junction Boxes for Construction
Floating Switches for Submersible Pumps
Complete Waterproof Lever Switches
Switches and Connectors
Assembly of consignment
Harness Processing


By Taxi
205-4 Furukawa-cho, Hazukashi, Fushimi-ku,
Kyoto 612-8486, Japan
By Taxi
About 10 min. from the East Exit of JR(Japan Railway) Nagaokakyo Station
About 15 min. from Keihan Chushojima Station
By Car
About 25 min. from MEISHIN EXPRESSWAY Kyoto Minami Interchange.
About 15 min. from MEISHIN EXPRESSWAY Oyamazaki Interchange.

Our company faces to Hazukashi Shrine. If you go through the torii gate, you can find out shortly.
(There is a height limit depending on the model. 2.9M or less)


1961 Shigenobu SATO (former chairman) began to manufacture micro switches. It was the first step of Angel’s business activity.
1970 Developed the world’s smallest micro switch.
1977 Developed junction boxes for solar PV modules.
1982 Developed start-up switches for single-phase motors.
Received a research grant from the New Technology Development Foundation
1983 Developed level switches for automated operation of small submersible pumps.
Received Director General of Science and Technology Agency Award.
1995 Developed new junction boxes for solar PV modules.
1997 Developed our own junction box called A-Box.
1998 Developed roof-integrated and window frame-incorporated junction boxes.
1999 Developed new floating switches for submersible pumps.
2000 Developed a junction box called C-Box.
2003 Developed AJE (edge-type junction box).
Developed AGL (potting-free junction box).
2008 Obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.
2009 Approved for TUV (from AJE)

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